PRE-CHIROPRACTIC MEDICINE*                                        



First Semester                                     Hrs.


%UI100       First Year Seminar                   3

BI151         Biological Reasoning                3

BI152         Intro Sci. Investigations             1

MA134       College Algebra                        3

CH185       Gen. Chem. I +                        5

CH085       Gen. Chem. I Lab +

CH005       Gen. Chem. I. Rec.

EN100       English Comp.                        3      



Third Semester                                     Hrs.


BI154         Genetics & Cell Biol.                4

BS114       Anatomy & Phys. II                  3

CH341       Org. Chem. I                            4

CH342       Org. Chem. I Lab                      1

@ Soc. Sci. Course                                  3





Fifth Semester                                      Hrs.


PH120       Intro. Physics I                         5

+BI381       Genetics                                 3

+ZO414     Developmental Biology              3

@ Humanities Course                              6





Second Semester                                 Hrs.


BI153         Intro Org. Biology                     4

BS113       Anatomy & Phys. I                   3

EN140       Rhet. & Crit. Thinking               3

MA133       Plane Trigonometry                  2

CH186       Gen. Chem. II                          3

CH187       Qual. Analysis                         2





Fourth Semester                                   Hrs.


BI200         General Microbiology                3

ZO200       Animal Biology                         3

CH343       Org. Chem. II                           3

CH344       Org. Chem. II Lab                     2

@ Humanities Course                               3

@ Soc. Sci. Course                                  3




Sixth Semester                                    Hrs.


PH121       Intro. Physics II                        5

@ Social Science Course                          3

+ZO315     Comparative Anatomy               3

+ZO331     Animal Physiology                   3



*        The 17 schools of chiropractic medicine typically do not require a bachelor's degree for entrance.  Currently, Logan College of Chiropractic, for example, requires 90 credit hours for entry into their program.  Students are encouraged to investigate the entrance requirements of several schools and then take them all into account as they are planning their coursework--this allows one to be eligible for entrance into more than one school.  This model specifically prepares the student for entrance into Logan College of Chiropractic.  Dr. Kraemer serves as the Advisor for Pre-Chiropractic.


#                Logan requires a second biology course with a laboratory and the BS113/114 sequence would be the most useful.


@       A total of 15 hours of social science and humanities are required--with an equal distribution between the two areas.  Social sciences (according to Logan) are history, economics, political science, sociology, psychology, and anthropology.  Humanities (according to Logan) are philosophy, art, music, religion, foreign language, literature, and drama. 


%       Optional course - not required if transferring to a chiropractic school and not earning a degree at Southeast Missouri State University.


+       Suggested Biology elective courses.


NOTE:       You will need a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale.  Remember this is

          a minimum.  The higher your GPA is, the more competitive you will be for an admission.