Goals and Philosophy

The Sundancers are Southeast’s competitive dance team. The team performs and cheers at all home basketball and football games, not to mention many other athletic and community events. As a NCAA Division I University, the spirit squads also accompany many of our teams to national tournaments and competitions.

The dance style of the program is very versatile--from funk to pom to jazz. Proper technical skills (leaps, jumps, turns) are essential. For students interested in learning dance skills, “Sunbeam Clinics” are held regularly for girls and boys ages 3 to 12.

While the University supplies the dancers with professional dance and work-out facilities, athletic trainers, the official uniforms, and most traveling costs, other basic expenses (tights, shoes, camp clothes, socks, jackets, etc.) are covered by the student-dancer. The dancers practice and condition an average of two hours a day, four to five days a week.

Team Goals

Team goals are established by the squad each summer following try-outs. The following six goals outline our basic achievement expectations:

1.    Maintain a Team GPA of 3.0 or higher.

2.    Emphasize fundamental and technical dance skills in practice, as well as in performances.

3.    Maintain top quality college performances at all events.

4.    Increase outreach to Cape Girardeau and the southeast Missouri area     to promote the University and the appreciation for dance and athletics.

5.    Perform at a level capable of earning a bid to the UDA/NDA National     Championships.

6.    Have fun, look forward to practicing, cheering and performing.

Sundancer Philosophy

The Sundancers are student-dancers who want to dance, cheer, perform, sparkle and enjoy the true team concept. Dance team members are students first and dancers second. Academic minimum standards must be met prior to any practice or performance. As a general rule, student-dancers should study at least two hours outside of class for every hour spent in class.

All team members understand they must represent Southeast with dignity, pride and professionalism at all times. Sundancers also understand they are ambassadors of the University and must act appropriately on and off the performance stage.

To maintain a healthy and high level performing team, practice and healthy living habits must be followed by all members. The Sundancers practice four to five days a week in the University's dance facilities. In addition, each dancer is expected to complete 3-5 hours of weight lifting and aerobic workouts each week.