Southeast Bookstore/Textbook Rental Appeal Form


Student I.D. Number:  S____________________


Name:  _____________________________________________________


Address:  ___________________________________________________


Email:  _____________________________________________________


          This appeal will be reviewed by the Committee, which is composed of faculty and students.  Please attach all pertinent information that will document your extraordinary circumstances.

          You may submit your appeal form to Textbook Rental; however your account for these textbooks must be paid in full at the Cashier’s Office.

          The Textbook Appeals Committee meets only once a semester.  You will be contacted by mail or email at the address you provide. 


Print off this form, fill it out and attach any supporting documentation.  Mail to Textbook Rental, One University Plaza, MS 2020, Cape Girardeau, MO 63701


















                                                                                      Office Use Only

                                                                             Date:  ___________________

                                                                             Number of Books:  ________

                                                                             Dollar Amount $___________

                                                                             Accept:  _________________

                                                                             Reject:  _________________