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Packing & Weather Guide


To help you pack weather-appropriate clothing, put in a 63701 zip code to get a 10-day weather forecast


To help you pack function-appropriate clothing, we are listing the requested clothing requirements for specific meetings and events:

Convention Business Meetings (3 days of meetings):

  • Voting Delegates are required to wear business attire.

  • The general assembly is required to wear business casual clothing.

Banquet:   Business attire clothing is requested.

Ag OlympicsVery casual clothing is acceptable

(clothes suitable for Ag Games)

Other Events: (casual)


            Friday evening dinner

  • What is an example business attire? business suit

  • What is an example business casual? nice pants, nice button-up shirt

  • What is an example of very casual clothing? T-shirt, jeans, tennis shoes

  • Still not sure what is appropriate?  Ask your advisor