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        DEPARTMENT OF FOREIGN LANGUAGES AND ANTHROPOLOGY                           Spring Semester 2007


   I. Title:  German Language & Culture II (GN l20)


      Instructor: Gabriele Eckart             

      Phone: 986 6185        Office: AB 309,


      Office Hours: MW 9:00-10.00 A.M., F 4:00-5.00 p.m. and by        appointment


  II. Catalog Description:

      Acquisition of an appreciation of the cultures of the Ger-

      man-speaking peoples and study of speaking, understanding,

      reading, and writing German. (3 credits) 


 III. Purpose: The primary purpose of this course is to provide

      students with a basic knowledge of and competency in oral        and written German.


  IV. Course Objectives

      First-year German language study has the following goals:

     1. To increase and refine students' awareness of and             appreciation for German-speaking peoples and their                cultures.

     2. To improve interpersonal communication skills,                whether in German or English.

     3. To understand basic expressions and simple to more            complex sentences in German.

     4. To seek out information by asking questions in German         and understanding the responses given.

     5. To read simple to more complex passages in German.

     6. To write in German passages ranging from basic                sentences and expressions to brief compositions on               topics of pertinent or individual interest.

     7. Be able to evaluate cultural differences and their

        implications on daily events.

   V. Content Outline: GN 120 is a University Studies course and       as such will incorporate the 9 University Study Objectives       in our daily work and assignments: 1. LOCATE & GATHER           INFORMATION; 2. & 3. DEVELOP CRITICAL THINKING AND COM-          MUNICATION SKILLS; 4. & 5. UNDERSTAND HUMAN EXPERIENCES &





     In our GN l20 textbook, Wie geht’s? (Thomsom, Heinle:7th             Edition, 2003) we will cover chapters 8-15: The chapters         will be accompanied by cultural materials (TV, papers,            films, slides, video tapes) to explain contemporary culture      of the German-speaking countries.  The main points to be          emphasized in grammar are:

      a) All tenses of verbs; b) Passive and subjunctives;

      c) Relative pronouns; d) Extended sentences.      


   VI. Instructional Activities:

      Your instructor views language and culture as one. The

      conversational and grammar exercises will be based on

      the text; the films/lectures offered by the Department will       help you better understand Germany and its people.

      Role Play Activities: This is an "oral expression" course           which involves a great amount of speaking. You will be      required to help one another.


   VII. Field and Clinical Experiences:

      The following field experiences are expected of all              students:

      a. FL Lab: Complete Workbook assignment chapters in Lab.

      b. Web Sites: Use the FL Lab to visit one web site each             week (see below!) Journal must be in German!

         and write your Journal every two weeks about 1 web site.

      c. Films: German FILMS are part of this course.  A list of            the films that will be shown this semester (approx. one                every four weeks) will be distributed within the first

         week or two. You may choose any two films.  The reports            are due within a week of the showing. Reports must be

         written in German!   

      d. Online Focus: Visit German web-sites and write in

         Journals about the visits; one per Journal. See below!

         (Work 1 week late receives half credit!)



 VIII. Resources

         CD-Rom discs accompany the Lab Workbook; You are     

         required to use the FL Lab one hour per week.


   IX. Grading Procedures: Your grade consists of the following:

         10% Active class participation

         10% 7 Journals: One every two weeks.                  

         10% 2 film reports    

         10% Vocabulary Quizzes

         10% 7 chapters in Lab Manual     

         30% 3 exams (each over 2 chapters - 100 pts each)

         20% Final Exam (cumulative exam, chapters 1-7)


         = l00%


      Course Grade: Course grade will be calculated as follows:

      90% - A; 80% - B; 70% - C; 60% - D; 50% & below - F. 


     X. Class Participation Grades: You are expected to

         attend regularly; there are no make-up quizzes.



   XI. Text and References:

       Wie geht’s?, 7th Edition, 2003 by Sevin et al.

       LAB- & WORKBOOK w. CD, 7th Edition, 2003 by Sevin.

       Optional:  Any German/English, English/German Dictionary


  XII. Prerequisites:  GN 100 or equivalent


 XIII. Tutoring: The department provides free tutor services.






Week 1-2:    Kapitel 8  Review  and Chapter 8

                        Vocab. Quiz, Kap. 8

                        Lab Manual Kap. 8, Journal 1

                        Visit Web-Sites “Heidelberg” and “dhm”


Week 3-4:    Kap. 9     Lab. Manual, Kap. 9

                        Voc. Quiz Kap. 9

                        Journal 2 & Lab Kap. 9

                        Exam 1 (chapters 8-9)

                        Visit next two web-sites


Week 5-6:   Kap. 10      Journal 3

                         Voc. Quiz 3, Lab. Kap. 10

                         Visit next two web-sites


Week 7-8:    Kap. 11     Lab. 11 (due), visit two web-sites,

                         Journal 4, Voc. Quiz 4 & Exam 2 (10-11)


Week 9-10:  Kap. 12      Journal 5 , Lab. Manual 12,                                         Voc. Quiz 5, visit 2 web-sites


Week 11-12:  Kap. 13     Journal 6, Lab. Manual 13

                         Voc. Quiz 6, Exam 3, visit 2 web-sites


Week 13-14:  Kap. 14     Voc. Quiz 7, Journal 6, visit 2

                         web-sites, Final Review, Lab Kap. 14.


Week 13-14: Review

Final Exam: TBA 


All Journals will be kept in German and should deal with what you learned from the German web-sites.


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