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Dr. Gabriele Eckart

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I. Required Texts:

Terrell, Andrade, Egasse, and Muñoz, Dos mundos: En breve. New York:  McGraw-Hill, 3rd edition.


Cuaderno de trabajo. Dos mundos: En breve. New York:  McGraw-Hill, 3rd edition.


(While Dos mundos may be rented, the Cuaderno de trabajo that accompanies Dos mundos must be purchased. The Cuaderno de trabajo is a combination workbook/laboratory manual designed to help students study Spanish independently with exercises and laboratory activities.) 




II. Course Description


Study of the culture of Spanish-speaking peoples through the practice of speaking, understanding, reading, and writing Spanish.  (3 credit hours)


III. Course Objectives:


A. To relate the study of Spanish language to modern Spanish-speaking cultures through a brief survey of Spanish vocabulary, grammar and culture of the past and present. 


     B. To create students' understanding of language as a

system and to relate the process to their native    language.


     C. To develop the students' ability to express thought by             means of language.


     D. To develop students' proficiency in speaking,                    understanding, reading and writing Spanish.


     E. To develop students' ability to interpret ideas expressed through language.

IV.         Bases of Student Evaluations


The following items will combine to determine students’ final grade:


  1. Exams including: three chapter exams, final exam.

  2. Homework assignments: - “Actividades escritas”(written assignments), “Actividades orales”(laboratory exercises), “Videoteca” (lab video assignments).

  3. Film reports (see handout)

4. Class participation.


Summary:           3 Chapter Exams:    30 points

                          Homework:              20 points

                          Film reports:             10 points

                         Final Exam (Compr.) 30 points

                          Participation:            10 points


                         Total               100 points




V. Course Content:


Our class work will center on the assigned readings and authors from Dos Mundos en breve. Students must spend one hour per week in the language lab in order to do laboratory exercises.


VI. Tentative Schedule:

week 1: Paso A, B

week 2: Paso B, C

week 3: Cap. 1

week 4: Cap. 1 (Exam 1)

week 5: Cap. 1

week 6: Cap. 2

week 7: Cap. 2

week 8: Cap. 2 (Exam 2)

week 9:  Cap. 3

week 10: Cap 3

week 11: cap. 3

week 12: cap.4

week 13: cap.4 (Exam 3)

week 14: cap.5

week 15: cap.5

week 16: Repaso.  Final exam:  TBA


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