University Studies Course Descriptions

UI 318
Earth Science: A Process Approach
A process-oriented investigation of the interrelationships among the earth sciences and their interaction with living systems.  
One 2 hour lecture; one 2 hour lab.
(3 credits)
Prerequisite: BS 218

UI 372
Earthquakes and Society
Study of earthquakes, their causes, occurrence, physical properties, scientific use, and their effects on human society.
(3 credits)

UI 373
Historical Geology: Earth and Life Through Time
Reading and evaluating the geologic record of biological and geological events, with chronicle of life and earth interaction through time.
Two lectures and two laboratories per week.
(3 credits)

UI 416
Planetary Exploration: From Galileo to the Present and Beyond
Examination of major developments contributing to our understanding of the solor system and their imapact on the future of mankind.
(3 credits)
Prerequisites: Completion of the university studies core curriculum.

NOTE: Courses are offered during the summer at the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. For further information, contact the Department of Geosciences.