Compton, Robert R., 1985, Geology in the Field  is recommended but other comparable texts will serve.

Hintze, Lehi, New Geologic History of Utah and a Geologic Highway Map of Utah will be provided upon payment of deposit for the camp fee.


At the Dorm

 Bedding - sheets and your sleeping bag or a light blanket.
 Alarm Clock - we leave for the field on time, with or without you.

Overnight Trips and Your Free Days

 Sleeping bag and ground cloth -  minimum temperature possible at campsites is around 35
 Pack or Duffle - on overnight trips your gear will be limited to one pack or duffle.
 Jacket/Sweater - for cool evenings at higher elevations


 Bring enough extra money to cover your needs for the duration.  No loans will be available at the camp.


Camera & Film

Highly recommended.  Southwest Utah is beautiful and you will want a remembrance of your field camp experience.  35mm cameras with assorted wide angle and telephoto lens could all be used effectively, but remember you have to pack it all in the field, and you need to spend your field time efficiently.  Please note:  instant cameras are not effective note taking tools.

Drafting Supplies

A drafting board makes a grassy dorm lawn or any chair into an office.  In conjunction with a T-square and triangles more accurate maps can be drawn up more quickly.   We will provide crude 18" x 24" Masonite drafting boards, but bring your own if you can.

Rapidograph Pens

You may want to ink your office maps or take field notes in ink.  A three pen set would be useful with Nos. 00, 1, 2 or metric equivalents being good choices.  Ink must be indelible.  Ball point and felt tip pens produce unacceptable notes or office work.

Rain Gear

This is the driest season in southwest Utah.  We did have a wet snow at our High Plateau's camp site one year.  A rain jacket can be an effective wind breaker.

First Aid Kit

A small one is recommended and useful in the field.  The most important item would be moleskin blister preventing/protecting adhesive cloth, followed closely by sun screen and burn ointment.  Lip balm is useful in your kit.  Snakebite kits do more harm than good in most instances; cryogenic snakebite kits are not recommended owing to a high incidence of irreversible tissue damage.  We will see very few snakes in the field.


Bring a minimum of other books.  A small reference library will be available at the camp.

Brunton Compass

If you have your own compass and would like to use it, you are encouraged to do so.  All students without a compass will have one checked out to them at the beginning of camp. You are liable for all SEMO equipment you use during the camp.

Backpack Tent

Not essential gear but nice to have.  It must be a compact, lightweight 1- or 2-person type if taken on scheduled overnight trips during the camp.

Personal Items

Make a list of things you can not live without, throw out most of the items, and then bring what you really need.