Department of Geosciences
Southeast Missouri State University

May 19 – June 13, 2003

The following schedule is not firm. Changes in the order of other projects might still occur. Some projects may be modified or replaced with a comparable project.

May 19, Monday, late afternoon: Check into Shiloh Dormitory - Receive equipment and handouts;
                        introductory comments in evening meeting.
May 20, Tuesday: Timpoweap Overlook - Overview of regional geology, structure, and physiography.
                        Hurricane and Smith Mesas - Orientation to Mesozoic section; review of basic
                        competencies; Stratigraphic section.
May 21, Wednesday: Browse - Overview of Hurricane Fault scarp; mapping intrusive igneous rocks and
                        host rocks associated with the Tertiary Pine Valley Laccolith on a topographic base.
May 22, Thursday: Complete Browse project.
May 23, Friday: Zion Canyon National Park - Navajo aeolian bed forms in the eastern part of Zion
                        National Park; geology and physiography of the main section of the park; hike up Virgin
                        River Canyon Narrows (weather permitting).

May 26, Monday: Motoqua/Square Top Mountain - Mapping in a Sevier Orogeny thrust zone
                        overprinted by Basin and Range Orogeny faulting.
May 27, Tuesday: Motoqua/Square Top Mountain - Continued
May 28, Wednesday: Quaternary Project - Allostratigraphic mapping of alluvial fans
May 29, Thursday: Castle Cliffs - Detailed mapping of Precambrian metamorphics
May 30, Friday: Giant's Staircase and Kiabab Plateau - Departure will be at 9:00am; beginning of
                        Grand Canyon overnight trip; major physiographic features; camp at Grand Canyon.
May 31 & June 1: Saturday and Sunday, Grand Canyon National Park, South Rim and Environs -
                        Canyon geomorphology and Paleozoic stratigraphy and structures exposed in the
                        Grand Canyon; return late to base camp Sunday.

June 2, Monday: Take the Day off
June 3, Tuesday: Sedimentary Architecture - Mapping of sedimentary units in the field.
June 4, Wednesday: Geomorphology project - Geomorphic evolution of Snow Canyon State Park.
June 5, Thursday: Utah High Plateaus overnight field trip. - Departure will be at 9:00am; major faults and
                        plateaus of the western Colorado Plateau; Cedar Breaks National Monument; arrive at
                        Red Canyon State Park.
June 6, Friday: Bryce Canyon National Park - Geology and physiography of park; return late to camp.

June 9, Monday: Virgin Anticline - Geologic map and cross section of a structure on the leading edge of
                        the Sevier Orogen in Mesozoic strata on an aerial photographic base. Geologic hazard
                        analysis of a water supply/recreation reservoir.
June 10, Tuesday: Taylor Creek - Continue analysis of leading edge of Sevier Orogen; strip geologic
                        map and structural section, Kolob Fingers Section, Zion Canyon National Park.
June 11, Wednesday: No holiday, but we will try for a shorter day; Spring Creek - Continue analysis of
                        leading edge of Sevier Orogen; geologic mapping of a complex structure.
June 12, Thursday: Complete Spring Creek; prepare analysis of transect of structures along the leading
                        edge of the Sevier Orogen.
June 13, Friday: Final Examination - 9:00 - 11:45am; practicum and essay questions given in camp;
                        resident inspection, check out and departure, including vans, in afternoon.