Fall 2011, Tuesday 6:00-8:50 p.m., GB 311
Dr. Hamblin


  I. Catalog description
     Basically a course in the techniques of close analysis of literature.  Three hours.

 II. Prerequisite
      Graduate status

III. Purposes or objectives 
     A. To acquaint the student with the major works of theoretical and practical criticism from the classical to the modern period, with considerable attention to recent developments.
     B. To enhance the student's ability to read and write analytically on creative literature from various critical perspectives.

IV. Expectations of students
     A. Class participation and discussion of required textual materials
     B. Preparation of research paper and class reports
     C. Successful completion of final examination

V. Course content

     The approach throughout the course will be to apply the critical theories listed below to particular stories, novels, poems, and plays.

     Aug. 23:  Introduction (Handbook, Chapter 1)
     Aug. 30:  Origins of critical debate: Plato (Ion and Book X of The Republic), Aristotle (On Poetics), Horace (The Art of Poetry), Longinus (On the Sublime) (
all available online)

     Sept. 6:  Traditional approaches (Handbook, Chapter 2)

     Sept. 13: Formalist approaches (Handbook, Chapter 3)

     Sept. 20:   Materialisms (Handbook, Chapter 4)

     Sept. 27:   Literature and Linguistics (Handbook, Chapter 5)

     Oct. 4:    The Psychological approach (Handbook, Chapter 6)

     Oct. 11:  Mythological and Archetypal approaches (Handbook, Chapter 7)

     Oct. 18:  Feminisms and Gender Studies (Handbook, Chapter 8)

     Oct. 25:  Cultural Studies (Handbook, Chapter 9)

     Nov. 1:  Postcolonial Studies (Handbook, Chapter 10)

     Nov. 8:   "The Cultural Wars"  (assigned readings)

     Nov. 15:  Summation and review

     Nov. 22:  Presentation of research papers (three different critical approaches applied to one literary work)

     Nov. 29:  Presentation of research papers

     Dec. 6:   Final review (Handbook, "Epilogue")

     Dec. 13:  Final Examination

VI. Textbook

      A Handbook of Critical Approaches to Literature, 6th ed., ed. Wilfred A. Guerin and others. 
VII. Evaluation of students

      A. Five 15-20 minute oral reports (50%)
      B. Class activities, including Forum posts on class website (20%)
      C. Research paper (20%)
      D. Final examination (10%)