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  Journey 2010

Cover Photo: "Save Ferris" by Rachel Kertz
Cover Design by Caleb Tankersley


Anthony Bollinger
"This Too Shall Pass"

Nicholas Cato

"Living the Dream"
"The Jehovah Visitor and the Lost Baptist"
"Why Mom Always Said Everyone Lives Paycheck To Paycheck"

Tara Delaney

"Heart Break"

Katrina Dewing

"Terminal Velocity"
"Simon's Night Out"

B. B. Jenkins

"Tea With Granny (1972)"
"Nannie Turner"
"Last Childhood Birthday"
"What I Miss Now That I Live at the Whispering Pines Retirement Village"

Rachel Kertz

Katherine Kipp

"Middle Ground"

Katherine Markey

"Solving for X"
"Before Sleep"
"Puerto Vallarta"

Damian McDonald

"I Miss My Ho"
"What Should I Know?"

Ashton McFarland

"5:15 (am) Delivery"

Amanda Meyer

"Emotions: Live and in Color"

Nicole Peats
"England Poem #1: Idealized Train Ride to a British Reality"
"Her Fault"
"Things I Do Missing You"

Carl Pogue


Caity Read

"Spin Cycle"


Katie Schwartz

Kelly M. Shaner

"Worst Fear"
"The Armoire"

C Smith

"Enola Gaye"
"pink flugens"

Joshua Smith

"Midnight Run"
"The Slug"

Caleb Tankersley

"if you have the camera"
"God 10"
"Suicide Breakfast"
"God 8"

Melissa Walker

"Burying Ola"

Rachael Weatherford


Jessica Lynn Welker

"Confessions of a Teenage (Ab)Normal"

Scott Welton

"Fire of the Gods Part II"

Xiajing Yao

"Abortion (Three Poems)"


2009 Sigma Tau Delta Contest Winners:


Mickey Heath

"As Dead I May Well Be"


Katherine Kipp

"Anne Sexton: The American Female"


Joshua Smith


"Things I Want to Ask People"


Scott Smith

"'A Form That Accommodates The Mess': Writing Around Reading Into Coolidge's Space"






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