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waltz midi file - little piece I wrote

snippet of my guitar noodling -- I'm just beginning to experiment with recording on my computer. This bit is included because I like some of it, unfinished and unpolished as it is and I'd also like to put in a plug for Melody Assistant, a ridiculously powerful shareware music program. It's about 15 bucks and I seriously think it could give Finale or Cakewalk a run for their money. I've used it to convert MIDI files of Vivaldi's 4 seasons into sheet music, and transcribed about 100 measures of the Kabalevsky violin concerto (Michelle was playing it and parts were not immediately available -- until I finished the first 100 measures) as well as the thing linked above.

harmony central (music reviews etc.)


elderly instruments - great music store, cool stuff like sitars & other world instruments

musicians friend -- cheap gear

lots of other links on my bookmarks page


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