The Beet
C & D letter angled for
Shit really fucked up right here
Extension embraced

Slashdot post has consecutive correct spellings of 'lose' and 'you're'.'

Man in WWJD shirt disrupts church bake sale
     Onlookers watched in shock as an unidentified man wearing a WWJD  or 'What would Jesus do?' t-shirt ran amok at the annual Trinity Lutheran bake sale.  The visibly agitated man turned over several tables of muffins and banana bread before being restrained by several church members supervising the pie table.

FREAK!!! EXCLUSIVE FLASHBACK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Beet and the "Real Seal", separated at (breech) birth?

...The controversy rages on!!...
...developing hard...
...irresponsible use of ellipses!!...                                           .

Nader officially changes first name pronunciation to 'Rafe'
     In a bid for success in future elections, Green Party candidate Ralph Nader officially altered the pronunciation of his first name on Tuesday, February 20th.  Analyst's predictions for the benefit of this move were mixed; noting that such transparent affectations worked well for performing arts figures Vaughan Williams and Fiennes, but pointing out that successful carryover to the political realm remains untested.