In the name of God, Most Gracious, Most Merciful





Muslim Students Association

Southeast Missouri State University


Section 1. Name of the Organization

The name of the organization will be Muslim Students Association, and will be abbreviated as MSA.

Section 2.Purpose of the Organization

2.1. To promote friendship between the Muslim Students and Southeast Community.

2.2. To enhance the image of Islam through displays, seminars, food fests etc. and active participation in Southeast student community organized functions/festivals.

2.3. To organize Islamic Festivals and arrange get-togethers for Muslim Students/Community and Southeast students/Faculty.

2.4. Arrange Workshops on educational system and living environment/traditions from Muslim Countries represented by Southeast students & faculty.

2.5. To enhance the existing cooperation between the Muslim Students and Southeast Faculty.

2.6. To provide a means for Muslim students of SEMO to gather and share their knowledge, experience and resources.


Section 1. MSA membership

MSA membership can be classified as

(a) Regular Membership

(b) Associate Membership

(a) Regular Membership : All Southeast students can be regular members of Muslim Students Association. The organization will not discriminate on the basis of race, creed, ethnic origin, sex, age, physical disability or marital status. The Voting members shall be registered Southeast students.

(b) Associate Membership : All non-students and students outside Southeast can become Associate Members, and will be entitled to all the privileges enjoyed by the members of the organization. However, Associate Members will not be voting members and the Executive Committee of MSA will only comprise of the Regular Members of the Association.

Section 2. Any male or female member of MSA will be regarded as a member in good standing if he or she abides by the general rules of MSA, as laid out in this constitution.


Section 1. The Office bearers of the Executive Committee:




-Vice President

The Office Bearers of the Associate Committee:

-Vice President

-Community Coordinator

Section 2. Nomination and Elections:

2.1. All regular members in good standing may nominate a MSA regular student member for any post in the Executive Committee.

2.2. Elections will be secret ballot and will require a simple majority of voting members.

2.3. Only Southeast registered MSA students can be the voting members.

2.4. Term of MSA Office Bearers will be for one semester.  Elections will be held at the end of each semester.

Section 3.

3.1. Duties of the MSA Executive Committee


(a) to convene and preside all meetings

(b) to look after the overall functioning and activities of the MSA

(c) to provide effective leadership for the achievement of goals and objectives of the Association.

(d) to operate MSA's account in the absence of Treasurer.


(a) to take minutes

 (b) maintain website

 (c) to correspond with members of the club


(a) to operate the funds in MSA account for the purpose of creative activities with the consent/approval, of the President and Secretary of MSA.

(b) to efficiently manage and maintain all MSA funds and to keep record of all transactions made on the MSA account

3.2. Duties of the Associate Committee:

Vice President:

(a)to represent the Associate Members of the Organization.

(b)to promote and publicize the goals and objectives of MSA among the non-student community of Cape Girardeau and its surrounding area.

(c)to work for a better understanding and cooperation between the student and non-student communities of Cape Girardeau and its surrounding area.

(d)to provide maximum possible help in organizing all MSA functions.

(e)will assume Presidential Charge, temporarily, in the absence of the President.

(f)will automatically assume Presidential charge if the President quits his office, one semester before the end of his/her term.

(g)will hold election through proper channel, if the President quits/resigns office, more than one semester before the end of his/her term.

Community Coordinator

(a)to coordinate between student and non-student members for arranging get-togethers.

(b) to extend all possible help from the non-student community and thus facilitate the efficient working of the executive Committee.

Section 4.

4.1. A No-Confidence motion may be initiated against an office bearer of MSA if it is signed by at least one third of the total regular MSA members. The motion will be considered successful if it wins a fifty one percent majority of the total regular MSA members, in a General Body Meeting. The President will call such a meeting, if required.

4.2. If any office bearer, except the President, of the Executive committee resigns or is removed from office through a non-confidence motion, the President shall call a General Body meeting and hold elections for the vacant post. All nominations will be received at the General Body meeting, and will be decided upon by a simple majority of the members present.

4.3.If the President of the MSA resigns or is removed through a non-confidence motion, more than a semester before the end of the MSA term, the General Secretary will hold the elections for the office of President through proper channel.


Section 1: Meetings

1.1. General Secretary will call all meetings of the Executive Committee and the Programming Committee to sort out in matters like holding of various functions and cultural programs, and all details will be forwarded to the General Body Meeting, and a decision will be taken by a three fourth majority of the regular members present.

1.2. The quorum for the Executive Committee meetings would consist of three members of the Executive Committee of the MSA.

1.3. The quorum for the General Body Meetings of MSA will be one third of the total regular MSA members.

Section 2: Rules of order will be Parliamentary procedures.

Section 3: Names and Functions of Various Committees of MSA.

3.1. All Committees will not be standing committees and will come into being with approval of the executive board

3.1.a Membership and Promotion Committee: will consist of President, Vice President and Finance Secretary. Its function will be to grant membership and to promote goals and objectives of MSA.

3.2. b Programming Committee: will consist of Vice President, General Secretary and Community Coordinator. Its function will be to work in close coordination with the President. This committee will be responsible for holding programs as specified in Article I section 2.3.

3.3.c Finance Committee: will consist of Finance Secretary and two other members nominated by the President and will look after the generation and operation of MSA funds.

3.4.d The Executive Committee will have the power to appoint other Sub-Committees to deal with specific issues or events. The members of these committees will be appointed from the regular members of the Association and they will be accountable to the Executive Committee.


Section 1. Any voting member in good standing may propose an amendment, provided it is supported in writing by at least twenty percent of the total regular members of the association.

Section 2. Amendment proposed should be in line with the general framework of MSA as well as SOUTHEAST guidelines.

Section 3. Proposed amendments will be reviewed by the Executive Committee of MSA and will be forwarded for discussion in the General Body Meeting of the Association.

Section 4. The proposed amendment will be incorporated in the constitution, if two third of the regular members present, vote in favor of it. The quorum for this meeting will be one third of the total regular members of MSA.

Article V : Anti-Hazing Statement

Section I .Hazing for the purpose of the pledging, initiation, admission into, affiliation with, or as a condition for maintaining membership in a group, organization, or team is strictly prohibited.  Hazing is defined as any intentional, knowing or reckless act, whether on or off campus, which endangers the mental or physical health or safety of any person, regardless of consent, or which violates public law or University policy.  Hazing includes, but is not limited to A) any physical brutality such as shipping, beating, striking, paddling, branding, placing of a harmful substance on the body, or similar activity; b) any physical activity such as sleep deprivation, exposure to the elements, confinement, calisthenics, or other activity that subjects a student to risk of harm, or that adversely affects the mental or physics health or safety of a student; c) any activity involving consumption of food, liquid, alcoholic beverage, drug, or substance that subjects a student to risk of harm, or that adversely affects the mental or physical health or safety of a student; d) any activity that intimidates or threatens a student with ostracism, subjects a student to extreme mental stress, shame or humiliation, or adversely affects the mental health or dignity of a student, or that may reasonably be expected to cause a student to leave the organization or institution rather than submit to acts described above; and, e) any activity in which a person solicits, plans, encourages, directs, aids, or attempts to aid another in hazing or intentionally, knowingly, or recklessly permits hazing to occur and/or knowingly fails to report the incident.

Section 2. This organization agrees


 to abide by the definition of hazing as stated above and further agrees to disallow any such activities.  Muslim Student Association will abide by the rules and guidelines as established by Southeast Missouri State University and the state of Missouri.

Section 1 During the course of time, if a decision is to be taken which is not clearly mentioned in the constitution, the issue will be discussed in the meeting of the Executive Committee and will be considered approved if three out of four members of the Executive Committee vote in favor of it. However, the matter will be referred to the General Body if the Executive Committee fails to take a decision on the issue

Section 2. No liquor/pork will be served in MSA organized functions in accordance with Divine law.














































































































































































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