Jeanine Larson Dobbins' vision is to have all Missouri children reading at or above grade level early in their elementary school experience.

She took this vision with her to Jefferson City and then worked diligently to communicate it to state legislators and Governor Mel Carnahan.  Jeanine's successful mission secured state funding to provide specialized teacher training and professional development.

The Missouri Statewide Early Literacy Intervention Program is the result of Jeanine's passion and leadership.  Since its inception, the grant has funded training for more than 20 Reading Recovery Teacher Leaders.  This year more than 700 statewide Reading Recovery teachers will make a difference in the literacy skills of almost 14, 000 elementary school children.

The Missouri Association of Reading Recovery Educators proudly announces the establishment of the Jeanine Larson Dobbins Early Literacy Educator Award.  This award provides a $100 gift certificate for each of five conference attendees.  Jeanine believes in empowering techers for their work with children.  She requests that each award winner redeem the certificate for books that will enhance the recipient's professional development.

Jeanine Larson Dobbins presents Early Literacy Educator Award to Linda Lee, Reading Recovery Teacher Leader.
April 2002
MARRE 2002