Reading Recovery
Early Literacy

Reading Recovery
A total of 5,927 students were served in the state of Missouri during the 2001-2002 school year.  Of those students, 4,367 received a full program - that is they received at least 60 lessons or were discontinued ("successfully graduated") from the program.  Of the 4,367 program children, 3,428 successfully completed the program for a discontinuing rate of 78%.  The program children who were not discontinued also made progress in reading and writing, but not enough to attain average of the class achievement levels.

Reading Recovery is now implemented in 196 school districts in Missouri which represents 37% of the districts statewide and is in 426 schools or 38% statewide.

Early Literacy
A total of 9,609 children were served by early literacy small groups in the state of Missouri during the 2001-2002 school year.
One hundred thirty-eight Reading Recovery teachers statewide enrolled in the Reading Recovery Workshop: Implications for Small Group Instruction during the 2001-2002 academic year at Southeast Missouri State University.  Four hundred fifty-seven trained Reading Recovery teachers statewide taught early literacy groups during the school year.

Reading Recovery
Site Coordinators and Teacher Leaders
in Missouri
During the 2002-2003 school year Missouri has 28 Reading Recovery (RR) teacher leaders, 633 trained RR teachers, and 78 RR teachers in training + 37 RR advocates receiving graduate credit through Southeast Missouri State University at 22 sites.  During the 2002-2003 school year there is one RR teacher leaders in training at the University of Arkansas, Little Rock.  This training is funded in part by a $550,000 Missouri Statewide Early Literacy Intervention Program (MSELIP) grant for fiscal year 2003.
Site Coordinator(s)
Teacher Leader(s)
TL Training Year
Camdenton School District Rich Hodits Kim Burns UALR 2002
Central Missouri
Wanda Reynolds
Janet Stumbaugh
Wanda Reynolds UALR  1997
Columbia Public Schools
Mary S. Humlicek
Mary Jo Cornett
Sandra J. Dennison
OSU  1992
UI  1995
Ferguson - Florrisant Schools Dr. Ivory Johnson Sheila Ward UALR 2000
Francis Howell Schools
Dr. Catherine Bear
Cathy Cassy
Jennifer Pallardy
UALR 2002
Greene County Marsha Saddler Carrie Kleinsorge SEMO 1992
Hannibal Schools
Dr. Jill Janes
Rene' Krehmeier 
UALR 2001
Hazelwood Schools Dr. Barbara Berry 
Renee Schuster 
Carol Kemper
Sandy Lundeberg 
Linda McFarland 
Nina Williams
UALR 1998 
UALR 1998 
In Training UALR 2002-2003
Kansas City Schools
Patricia Rowles
Phyllis Ragsdale
UALR 1998
Kala Eydman
Nancy McGrew
UALR 1997
North Kansas City Schools Richard Rice Linda Lee UALR 1998
North St. Francois County School District Dr. Edward Garrigan Joyce Hemphill 
Sheryl Sieve
UALR 2000 
UALR 2000
Parkway C-2 School District Dr. Nancy Rathjen Donna Rasnic UALR 1998
 Poplar Bluff School District
 Sarah Long
 Tammy Crouse
 UALR 1998
South Central RR/EL Consortium
Dee Ragsdale
Melinda McDill
OSU 1997
Southeast Missouri State Univ.
Jeanine Larson Dobbins
Gayla Kolb
Linda Robert
UALR  1998
SEMO  1993
Springfield Public Schools
Lora E. Hopper
Sherre Marek
Dr. Teresa Fugate
UALR 2001
St. Joseph Schools
 Nancy Mooney 
Jane Morgan-Hawman
Christie Harr UALR 2001
St. Louis Public Schools
Dolores B. Malcolm
Gwen DeLoch
Katrude D. Palmer
OSU 1997
UI 1995
Truman State University
Dr. Sam Minner
Marianne Fletcher
UALR 2001
Southeast Missouri State University
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