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      Services Provided by the Center for Regional History
  1. Publishing local and regional histories, with twenty books published, and others in process.
  2. Coordination of various programs which serve targeted age groups as well as the general public. These include: The Mississippi River Valley Scenic Drive; Great Decisions; and Great Books.
  3. Field Projects. In this broad category the Center refers inquires and requests to appropriate and/or interested faculty and departments. Recent projects include the development of a battlefield protection plan for the Fort Davidson Civil War site at Pilot Knob. Additional projects have been developed in Ste. Genevieve; New Madrid; Chaffee; Marble Hill; Bonne Terre; and Jackson. An extensive historical survey of the Whitewater Creek in southeast Missouri was recently accomplished for the Missouri Board on Geographic Names.
  4. Public Service. The Center for Regional History serves a significant public service function. Local, regional and state-wide groups regularly call to request speakers, programs, and information. Dr. Frank Nickell, the current director of the Center for Regional History, makes numerous speeches on topics of interest to various organizations. The Center for Regional History plays a role in 'taking the university into the region'. Another way the Center reaches those it serves is through articles in various publications.
Center for Regional History
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